Today I wanted to talk to you about GHD Straight & Smooth Spray that I use every time I wash my hair.

Having half wavy hair tending to frizz, I was looking for a specific product for this issue, and I can say after so much research I finally found it.

I have heard several positive opinions about GHD in general and in the end I let myself be tempted by personally buying the product on amazon taking advantage of a promotion.

GHD Straight & Smooth Spray perfectly controls electrified locks or crevices with a lightweight formula that allows you to smooth, discipline and help you manage your hair.
It is a spray that without sticking, protects against heat damage and allows me to create a smooth and refined style of incredible shine.

It can be used on damp hair before drying or to eliminate the frizzy effect of dry hair strands before the crease.

I prefer to use it on damp hair, just toweled with a microfiber so as to remove excess water without stressing too much the hair, then I go to comb them with a specific brush to prevent them from breaking and then styling with a hair dryer and round wooden brush, I do not particularly like the round metal brushes because they overheat too much and gave me the idea of “burn” the locks of hair making them dry.
It takes very few puffs, because being a professional product does not require excessive quantities.

However, I must say that since I bought GHD products, I have discovered a fantastic world and my hair thanks!!!

Despite living in a foggy area of Italy in winter and still humid all year round, with this product I can say that I am no longer afraid to leave the house for fear that my hair after a few minutes may become an indomitable mane … or be forced to tie it.

PROS: spray the best I have ever bought! Advice!!!

CONS: none.