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I wanted to review Vea Lipogel, an exceptional ointment suitable for any type of skin that presents problems of dryness, scars, redness, irritation, itching, cracking and redness of the epidermis caused by external agents, injuries, surgery, trauma and burns.
If applied to scars, they appear softer and smoother, it can reduce skin aging and aesthetic damage due to overexposure to the sun.

In the composition of the ointment there are no preservatives, perfumes or dyes and has been designed to minimize allergies.
The texuture is easy to absorb and does not leave the skin greasy.

Vea Lipogel is a product suitable for all skin types and is well tolerated by both children and adults, in fact, in addition to using it on the skin of my face, I could use it on the delicate and irritated skin of my child.
It comes in a white plastic package, odourless and cream-gel transparent / white consistency.
I bought the 50ml package at the pharmacy for about € 20.00.
They recommend to use it on the areas to be treated 1-2 times a day until the complete absorption of the ointment.

I prefer to apply it occasionally, when I see that my skin is stressed by climate and hormonal changes, the evening before going to bed, after having perfectly cleansed and removed makeup from the face.
I recommend that you always remove makeup and let your skin breathe!

Even if you don’t feel like it and you’re tired!
The next morning I find a perfect facial base for makeup.

PROS: good ointment for skin irritations.

CONS: any.