I wanted to talk about NUXE “LIP BALM REVE DE MIEL” after testing it thoroughly for a couple of weeks.

I got this lip balm as a gift from my mom, knowing that I love everything that reminds me of sweetness or tropical scents.

It comes in a glass jar containing 15 g of semi-solid honey yellow product, which once worked with the heat of the fingers of the hand spreads perfectly on the lips.
It has a white plastic cap that helps to maintain perfectly the internal content.

This lip balm is an ultra nourishing repair treatment for the lips and lip contour.

Looking at the ingredients (INCI) results in no preservatives or artificial scents, has a non-sticky effect, giving the most worn lips elasticity and softness.

Composed of acacia honey and shea butter, they nourish and repair intensely, with a little bit of grapefruit; this lip balm is suitable for all skin types. It can be applied several times a day.

I use it especially in winter, where the very harsh climate “massacres” my lips by cracking them or creating the skin that I hate so much!!!
I love putting on crazy lipsticks and if you don’t have a good lip base, the defects are accentuated.

NUXE “LIP BALM REVE DE MIEL” has helped me a lot to solve this kind of problem.

I already knew the brand NUXE and as always did not disappoint me!


  • solves the problem of chapped and very dry lips. I recommend!


  • glass container, as hygienic as it is, in case of a fall it can break!