Today I wanted to talk to you about Dr.Brandt “Microdermabrasion”, exfoliating face cream for all skin types.

I personally bought this product from Sephora for about € 64.00 some time ago and I must say that it is really a good product.

It comes in a black package with white lettering (very fine and essential!!!), the tube contains 60 g of product, cream with abrasive microparticles with a light fragrance of mint and very fresh on the skin once applied.

Once the skin of the face is moistened with water, spread a small amount of product and massage gently for about 1-2 minutes avoiding the eye area, rinse.

It is recommended to do this treatment once a week to avoid altering or irritating the skin of the face.

The cold, unfortunately, makes my skin very dry in the nose and forehead area, I have practically a mixed skin with dry T area as opposed to normal, creating those annoying and unsightly skin that with foundation and powder are accentuated. Horror!!!

I also tried a natural facial exfoliant remedy with sodium bicarbonate, which you buy in hypermarkets and water, but it was too aggressive for my skin making it appear, red, irritated and wavy. Bad thing!

So in despair I turned to this cream and a world opened up for me!!!

After using all the skin, dead cells and any kind of impurities DISAPPEARED; a skin as beautiful and smooth as after a spa treatment. Simply fantastic!!!

To conclude I recommend the purchase of this exfoliating cream for your skin care, although unfortunately it is no longer available on the site Sephora.com but available from other retailers.


  • very delicate microparticles that do their job very well.


  • a bit excessive the price for an exfoliating cream.