natural everyday makeup - festival beauty


Natural makeup for every day, suitable for any occasion, giving that glamorous and refined touch with red lipstick. It can be achieved in a few moves, fast and is suitable for people who do not like to make up excessively or who are new to makeup.

For the makeup “NATURAL EVERYDAY” I used:


“Fresh & Fit Awake Primer” by ESSENCE is a face base with a very light and luminous texture. The more I use it the more I like it because it gives that very natural glow effect.

“Double Wear Nude Water fresh make up” foundation by ESTEE LAUDER in beige shell color n.4N1 with a very liquid, light, moisturizing texture even if the color is dark enough for my complexion. I tried this free sample and I must say that it is not bad as a foundation, maybe choosing the right coloring!

Contouring “Face Palette Contouring 101” by SEPHORA very convenient because you have 5 colors suitable for both creating dark areas of shadow and to illuminate the light points.
It fades easily.

Powder “Powder Silk-effect powder” by COLLISTAR sand color n.3, used to fix everything and avoid glossy areas.

Blush “Fard Camouflage” by SHAKA pinkish color that highlights the cheeks and gives that effect of fresh and healthy on the skin. It fades easily.

Highlight “Shimmer Powder” by KIKO Milano color rode gold all over n.02 is a maxi illuminating both for the face and body, gives a very discreet light effect that can be accentuated by passing the product several times in the same area with both brush and fingers.

NARS “Medium 1” correctors in custard color, perfect texture for my eye contour, does not go in the folds of the eye and has a medium-high coverage.


Brow shadows “Eyebrow stylist Set” by ESSENCE comes with a small brush to pick up the two shades of beige and dark brown to define the eyebrows, contains 3 stencil eyebrows, to help people who have less manual skill and precision.

Illuminating eyebrow pencil “Jumbo eyeshadow” by ASTRA in the color light beige shimmer. Although it is an eye shadow you can also use it to accentuate the light spots.


natural everyday eyes makeup - festival beauty

Eye shadow “Matitone ombretto” by ASTRA in the golden brown color n.57 that I used in the fold of the eyelid to create a slight depth to the eye.

SEPHORA’s “Flashy Liner Waterproof” eye pencil in flashy silver n.02 colour used as a kajal to make the lower eyelash rhyme brighter.

Eye pencil “Only for you” of WHEN it is brown glitter n.4 used in the lower part of the eye to create a small definition. It has a hard mine that needs to be warmed up by passing it several times on the hand.

“Lashes Human Hair” by RED CHERRY n.68 are very natural and comfortable eyelashes, once worn they can’t be felt.

Laylash “Lash Extensions Adhesive” by LAYLA Cosmetics in transparent colour.

Mascara “24 hours Instant Maxi Volume” by DEBORAH Milano black has a brush that creates volume instantly and without lumps. I like it very much!


natural everyday lips makeup - festival beauty

Corrector “Point Light Corrector” of COLLISTAR n.03 that I used in the cupid arch and under the lower lip to enlarge the lips.

Lip pencil “Professional Lip Pencil” by COLLISTAR cherry red color n.16 to define the lip contour, it has a sliding, long-lasting, shading and applicator pencil.

Lipstick “Tatouage Couture Matte Stain” by YSL color red n.1 has a liquid texture that dries quickly becoming opaque. It dries slightly on the lips and for the duration I expected something more. I prefer the classic lipstick matte, from the same brand, which has a longer life span.