smokey-grey - FestivalBeauty


For this make up I used:


Fresh & Fit Awake Primer by ESSENCE, creamy pink base with a glow effect that gives a bright and healthy look to the skin.
The minimized pore effect is good.
A small amount is enough.

Fresh & Fit Awake Make Up” foundation by ESSENCE, fresh ivory colour no.10, medium-low coverage, very light texture, slightly scented, even though the glow effect is indicated, it is not as excessive as you might think. For the price you recommend!

BB Secret Cream” coloured cream by MIA MAKE UP, initially white, which becomes pinkish-beige once spread on the face, purchased out of curiosity…medium-low coverage of imperfections.
Lightweight, in my opinion too much price for a bb cream.
It hasn’t made me crazy!

Contouring palette “Get The Pretty Started” by BENEFIT composed of bronze “Hoola” to define the areas of dark shadow, blush “Galifornia” for pinkish color of the cheeks and highlighter cream “Watt’s Up” champagne color (I have not used this illuminant in this makeup).
One of the best purchases I made at Sephora!

Powder” powder of NYX natural mosaic color to fix everything.

Illuminating palette “Holo Wow! Eye & Face” by ESSENCE I used the color holo purple that created a slight lilac halo that even with multiple passes is not very visible.
I prefer other illuminants of other more pigmented brands.

Correctors “Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer” by ESSENCE ivory color n.05 creamy high coverage, also excellent as a base primer eyes. Above I used “Effacernes Longue Tenue” by LANCOME n.02 very good concealer, medium-high coverage is not going to deposit in the folds of expression.


Eyebrow pencil “Eyebrow pencil” by CATRICE Cosmetics color date with ash-ton n.020 the darkest of the range of colors proposed by this brand, smooth, precise, soft and durable mine.

Illuminating eyebrow arch pencil “High Brow” of BENEFIT mines buttery, very soft just one step to perfectly define the outer perimeter of the eyebrows.


smokey-grey eyes - FestivalBeauty

Palette “Holo Wow! Eye & face” by ESSENCE I used the eye shadow color intensify base, matte black that unfortunately create a lot of fall out to use sparingly maybe with the finger.

Palette “Trio Hi-Tech Eyeshadow Wet & Dry super pearl” by DEBORAH smoky eyes n.4 colors composed of three round pods black pearl, gray pearl and white pearl. Very pigmented and writing.

Eyeliner “24 Hours Waterproof” by DEBORAH liquid black color, thin tip, very writing and durable. It also lasts on my oily eyelids without creating unsightly black halos.

Eye pencil “Kajal Eye Pencil” by CO&B MAKEUP black color, quite writing and soft mine. Not the best durability. Repassed with pencil eyes “Kajal Pencil” of ESSENCE black color n.01 much longer lasting!

Eye pencil “Flashy Liner Waterproof” by SEPHORA color flashy black n.01 sliding mine, used in the eye contour lower part, it lasts a lot and doesn’t drool.

Mascara “Ultra Tech + Volume And Definition Mascara” KIKO Milano black color, small brush well defined creates volume and definition without lumps.

Fake magnetic eyelashes “Magnet Eyelash” purchased on Amazon out of curiosity, let’s say that the application is quite simple, they are composed of 4 pieces, just place the part of a magnet over the natural upper lashes and the lower part attaches automatically.

They are not comfortable once worn, they feel and cause discomfort. They do not cover all natural lashes but only the outer part of the eye (at least the classic model I took). The final effect is not bad but I prefer the classic ones.


smokey-grey lips - FestivalBeauty

Contouring lips (a method adopted for the voluminous lip effect) with “Contouring Pencil bronzer” by KIKO Milano matitona color bronzer n.02 to create dark shadows and “Contouring Pencil highlighter” by KIKO Milano color illuminating n.02 to create light points.

Lip pencil “Look lipliner” by BIPA color hazel n.3 (nude), sliding and durable mine.

Lipstick “Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick” by KIKO Milano color n.301 light nude and n.320 medium nude, long-lasting opaque lipsticks, do not dry the lips, I suggest to do a lip scrub first to avoid that you highlight the films!