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For this make up I used:


Transparent primer “Coconut face primer” of MARC JACOBS cream/white gel that once spread becomes transparent, I have not noticed a big difference between before and after.

Foundation Shameless” foundation by MARC JACOBS in the light colour Y210 and medium Y320; I used the first colour as a classic foundation perfect for my cold undertone and the second darker colour to create contouring shadows. Creamy texture fades easily, but I am very demanding with the foundation and honestly I found it normal, nothing exciting.

Contouring to complete it “bronzer mineral powder” of KIKO MILAN n.101 compact powder opaque enough dark coloring.

Highlighter palette of illuminants “Aurora Borealis” by TZ COSMETIX very writing, pigmented and durable illuminants, I recommend it!!!

Powder to fix the whole NYX “powder” in the natural mosaic coloring formed by many opaque colors that mixed together create a perfect color for my complexion.

Blush “palette deluxe all-over face compact” by ESTEE LAUDER, small palette formed by 4 compact blush and writing both of pink and orange breakfasts.

Correctour instant anti-age” by MAYBELLINE, light colour; corrector with sponge already incorporated in the tube, which just needs to be rotated to release more product. It fades easily and can be layered.

I have read conflicting opinions on this corrector for the most part positive and I must admit that for the low price it has is a valid product.


Eyebrow pencil “Precisely, my brow pencil” of BENEFIT in the color 6, has a very soft mine that flows pleasantly and that leaves a precise and defined stroke.

Illuminating subciliary arch pencil “Bright eyes” of Essence color n.03; large pencil that a golden color tending to pink with microglitter, illuminates a lot and is long-lasting.


rock-savage-eyes - FestivalBeauty

Revelation” eye shadow palettes by REVOLUTION PRO has many compact eyeshadows, both opaque and shimmer, well pigmented and writing, I prefer to apply the opaque eyeshadows with the brush and the shimmer ones with the finger; the duration is very good and they do not go into the folds if applied a primer on the whole eyelid, both mobile and fixed.

Palette “Rosè” by THE COLOR WORKSHOP I bought this palette out of pure curiosity from OVS for the low price it has. It has quite writing colors, are not very pigmented has a slight problem of failure out for the rest nothing exciting!

Eyeliner “2 in 1 eyeliner pen” by ESSENCE in black color, on the one hand has the classic tip on the other has the flat tip for larger strokes or to be able to make the famous fin outside the eye, high writing even if the durability is not the best.

MAKEUP FOR EVER’s multi-purpose eye pencil whatever black color no.100 has a soft, smooth and durable mine, both for the eye contour and as a kajal

Pencil “Crayon colorful waterproof matte” by SEPHORA color call girl n.40 has a fairly large mine and can be used either as eye shadow or eye-liner or as a lipstick.

24/7 glide-on eye pencil” by URBAN DECAY in the color zero (black), has a sliding and waterproof mine.

Mascara “Hypnose drama” by LANCOME color black glitter in the lower lashes, while on the upper lashes “Ultratech” by KIKO MILAN color black.

False lashes” by RED CHERRY n.102 are fantastic, very soft even if very voluminous, only for big occasions.

Glue Laylash adhesive” by LAYLA clear finish colour, good glue even if very liquid, drying times are a bit long obviously you have to put a little product, good hold.


rock-savage-lips - FestivalBeauty

Lip base “Kiss kiss liplift” by GUERLAIN n.4Z01 is a kind of primer that serves to create a layer to correct the natural line of the lips being able to make them more voluminous.

Lip pencil “lip liner Belavance” of LA BIOSTHETIQUE blackberry color is a very nice lip pencil with small glitter, perfect hold, you can use it both as a lip contour pencil and as lipstick.

Lipstick matt “Liquid matte” by HUDA BEAUTY color jellyfish fast drying does not paste the lips very particular color tending to purplish, hold pretty good.