My makeup with the description of the beauty products used for each area of the face.

  • Modern Geisha - Festival Beauty

    Modern Geisha Makeup

    I present you my modern way of seeing the Geisha makeup, not everyday makeup that has always attracted me to that mysterious oriental world, which sees the milk-white skin as a sign of absolute beauty and sophistication.

  • natural everyday makeup - festival beauty


    Natural make up for every day, suitable for any occasion, giving that glamorous and refined touch with red lipstick. It can be achieved in a few moves, fast and is suitable for people who do not like to make up excessively or who are new to makeup.

  • smokey-grey - FestivalBeauty


    For a quick evening makeup or for elegant events, smoke eyes in shades of grey and silver are always an evergreen. The realization takes little time, let's say the thing that can take more time is the contouring lips.