Welcome to my blog created to express considerations and to be able to compare myself with other people of all ages and of any sex, because you know that vanity belongs to each of us!

We lovers of beauty, makeup, cosmetics and everything that makes us feel good, especially now that we live in a hectic society that does not even give us time to breathe!!!

After years lived in an absurd way I decided to say STOP and start again from ME … I have tried in these years what really made me feel good and the fact of stripping myself bare in front of the mirror and be able to make up and comb as I wanted, made me feel free to express myself according to my daily mood, giving vent to my creativity …

I gave to the blog the name FESTIVAL BEAUTY, precisely because it is a name that belongs to me, that distinguishes me from years, that have associated me with dear friends close to me … Festival word full of life, colors, sudden changes, fun … and that’s just what I am!!!

So I got the idea to combine my passion for makeup with that of my husband for photography, kindly assisted by my son who has a wonderful creativity … because we are mothers but above all we are WOMEN!!!!